Interglide 2016 will take place on the 25-26 June 2016 at Cuddington in Buckinghamshire.

Camping on the field is available in the top left hand corner of the picture which is where the water supply is located. We will try to fit up the infamous cold shower tent! More information about the camping site, local Hotels, Bed and Breakfast on this page. Entry fee is £30 (or Euro 40) for Seniors, £10 (or Euro 13) for Juniors. Camping £5 per night.

Registration is available from Friday at 4pm, or early Saturday morning.

On Saturday evening there will be a dinner at the local pub which will cost £10 per person. This can be paid in cash at the contest. It would help us if you say yes or no in the section on the entry form. It will be at “The Bell” Pub in Chearsley at 7.30pm. Information and location here

Briefing at 9am on Saturday and Sunday. We will start ASAP after the briefing. Rounds 1-5 will finish on Saturday around 6pm. The number of preliminary rounds flown will depend on the weather and the number of pilots but efforts will be made to fly enough preliminary rounds to achieve a dropped score and the intent is for three flyoff rounds.

Please note that practice flying can take place from Friday 24th June. PLEASE DO NOT CAMP OR FLY ON THE FIELD BEFORE THIS TIME!

GPS co-ordinates for the flying field are: 51°47’33.8″N 0°55’16.4″W