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Colin Paddon Wins Interglide for a record 4th time!

PPerhaps the headline should have read ‘Wow, what a scorcher! in true tabloid style. After a summer that most flyers would choose to forget the weekend of 26th/27th July was the best of the year. Temperatures were in the mid 20sC for the whole weekend with light winds but as the temperatures rose during the day the clouds bubbled up and lift and sink were around in large quantities.

This year the competition was hosted by the Ivinghoe Soaring Association at Marsh Gibbon near Bicester in Oxfordshire. This location is an excellent flying site but which has not always enjoyed the best of weather conditions but for two of the three Interglide competitions which have been held there have been superb. A particular feature of this site are the large number of Red Kites which inhabit this area of the Chiltern Hills and when there are thermals about it is a great sight to see these large and graceful birds circling in rising air. They also make great pointers for the human flyers!

As well as competitors from all over the UK there were entries from Holland, Norway and Germany and by Friday afternoon many of the pilots had arrived and were taking advantage of the good weather for a pre competition practise. The field was laid out in anticipation for an early start on the Saturday after some debate about wind direction. Three different forecasts gave three different directions! Fortunately the right one was chosen and, after a pilots briefing, the first round was away by 9.30 on Saturday morning.

As the day progressed with lift and sink available in great quantities nearly all the slots were being flown out but even some of the best pilots were sometimes being caught out in the wrong place resulting in a poor round score. Five round were completed by 6pm when flying was called to a halt and the BBQ began. What a feast this proved to be! Jim Wright, Chairman of the ISA proved have a career as a chef awaiting him and, assisted by his wife Norma, produced a magnificent meal which with the help of a warm evening and free beer lasted long into the night!

TThe Sunday morning dawned with very light and variable winds which necessitated a shift in the flight line before round 6 was underway. For the early slots the lift was light and scratchy but during the morning the thermals became stronger and the breeze was being pulled in all directions. Three more round were flown but under the rules of F3J one round score is dropped after 5 rounds are completed. This enabled some pilots who had had one bad score on the day before to climb back into contention.

By mid afternoon eight rounds had been completed and the top six pilots qualified for a 3 round fly off. By this time the wind was very light and sometimes the pilots were launching with a slight tail wind. Round 1 of the fly off saw all six pilots fly out the 15 minutes leaving nothing in it at the top. In round 2 some pilots came off the line at low altitude and gambled on gaining a few seconds but whether this was by accident or design was open to debate! It certainly did not work for Austin Guerrier who, after being the top scorer in the rounds, failed to contact lift and landed early. Adrian Lee and Kevin Beale were also scratching at head height after 6 minutes but, with great skill, both of them picked up a bubble over the landing spots and were able to work it gently upwards at very low altitude for several minutes until the thermal eventually built to take them to a safe height.

All six pilots also flew out round 3 so the final scores depended a few seconds of flight time and the best landing bonuses. Age and experience proved to be a an advantage for Colin Paddon who narrowly beat Adrian Lee and Peter Schmitz of Holland. Kevin Beale was fourth followed by Jo Grini of Norway and Austin Guerrier.

This was Colin’s fourth Interglide win, an amazing achievement! His prize in 2007 was an Experience X Pro and this year he won a Tragi 707 3.5m F3J/Open model kindly donated thanks to the generosity of Heino Korvel of Tragi Models. A very pleased Colin thanked Tragi for their generous sponsorship and commented how impressed he was with the specification and build quality of the model. Some cynical observers commented how strange it was that Colin always seemed to win when there was big money prizes on offer! They were joking of course, weren’t they?

More pictures from the Dutch team here.

See you next year, don’t miss Interglide 2009!


PilotCompId Full_name TotalScore Summary
1 19 Paddon; Colin 2991.04249 R2:1000.00 R1:998.19 R3:992.85
2 17 Lee; Adrian 2976.20918 R1:1000.00 R3:989.13 R2:987.08
3 35 Smitz; Peter 2975.92764 R3:1000.00 R2:992.03 R1:983.90
4 20 Beale; Kevin 2972.40444 R3:994.16 R2:992.23 R1:986.01
5 30 Grini; Jo 2726.56721 R1:999.30 R3:997.18 R2:730.09
6 23 Guerrier; Austin 2698.3263 R3:995.97 R1:993.56 R2:708.79


PilotCompId Full_name TotalScore Summary
1 23 Guerrier; Austin 6995.67099 R3:1000.00 R6:1000.00 R1:1000.00 R2:1000.00 R4:1000.00 R5:1000.00 R8:995.67 (R7:989.87)
2 30 Grini; Jo 6988.4393 R2:1000.00 R3:1000.00 R7:1000.00 R8:1000.00 R4:1000.00 R5:1000.00 R1:988.44 (R6:924.78)
3 19 Paddon; Colin 6984.04923 R1:1000.00 R5:1000.00 R7:1000.00 R8:998.53 R2:997.12 R3:997.09 R6:991.30 (R4:905.11)
4 35 Smitz; Peter 6973.73482 R1:1000.00 R3:1000.00 R2:1000.00 R4:1000.00 R6:997.08 R7:991.19 R8:985.47 (R5:857.14)
5 20 Beale; Kevin 6960.87329 R3:1000.00 R6:1000.00 R5:1000.00 R8:1000.00 R7:998.53 R2:995.63 R1:966.71 (R4:679.49)
6 17 Lee; Adrian 6953.96613 R6:1000.00 R2:1000.00 R8:1000.00 R5:992.77 R3:989.87 R7:989.84 R4:981.48 (R1:511.59)
7 10 Dickenson; Bob 6907.36948 R6:1000.00 R7:1000.00 R8:1000.00 R3:995.65 R2:985.57 R4:965.28 R1:960.87 (R5:668.83)
8 33 Kooy; Jaap 6879.92123 R4:1000.00 R7:1000.00 R1:989.84 R5:986.99 R2:975.50 R3:968.16 R6:959.42 (R8:958.94)
9 3 Allen; Peter 6869.27482 R1:1000.00 R7:995.62 R3:994.21 R2:989.80 R8:979.47 R4:965.81 R6:944.36 (R5:900.43)
10 15 Glover; Chris 6842.16329 R8:1000.00 R7:992.66 R2:986.98 R1:981.13 R5:971.14 R3:960.98 R6:949.28 (R4:935.39)
11 24 Wicks; Graham 6797.13346 R7:995.65 R3:992.80 R8:984.01 R6:982.43 R2:958.03 R4:953.01 R5:931.21 (R1:854.26)
12 13 Kidd; Nick 6777.63055 R5:1000.00 R4:1000.00 R8:1000.00 R3:995.65 R2:982.38 R6:981.02 R7:818.58 (R1:610.39)
13 16 Raybone; Mike 6741.18693 R7:1000.00 R3:997.09 R4:997.08 R8:994.09 R6:992.68 R5:909.09 R1:851.16 (R2:669.55)
14 32 Nieuwenhuizen; Wim 6705.61935 R3:1000.00 R7:1000.00 R2:1000.00 R4:1000.00 R1:994.22 R8:893.22 R5:818.18 (R6:464.13)
15 8 Stanswood; Jon 6620.72861 R1:1000.00 R3:994.22 R6:991.15 R5:985.57 R8:979.71 R7:978.10 R2:791.98 (R4:655.12) -SP:100
16 5 Duff; Ian 6558.70863 R6:1000.00 R3:997.12 R8:988.46 R7:988.39 R4:983.94 R5:978.35 R1:622.45 (R2:610.70)
17 21 Dart; Kevin 6504.10481 R6:1000.00 R5:1000.00 R1:994.22 R7:989.84 R3:985.51 R4:909.72 R8:624.82 (R2:395.25)
18 26 Reed; Richard 6502.82828 R5:1000.00 R7:973.72 R1:958.03 R3:956.52 R8:926.41 R2:897.55 R4:790.60 (R6:604.11)
19 34 Kort; Albert 6482.99251 R2:1000.00 R8:1000.00 R1:981.16 R7:963.50 R3:944.93 R4:939.81 R6:853.59 (R5:843.96) -SP:200
20 14 East; David 6466.53203 R3:1000.00 R7:1000.00 R8:1000.00 R5:997.08 R6:961.65 R4:873.93 R1:633.86 (R2:445.77)
21 12 Warby; Neville 6406.52488 R3:987.03 R6:986.80 R7:982.58 R5:968.21 R8:967.74 R4:828.19 R2:685.96 (R1:545.59)
22 31 Thijssen; Fred 6370.97952 R6:997.05 R7:992.76 R2:988.46 R3:988.44 R8:962.32 R5:731.78 R4:710.17 (R1:650.15)
23 22 Boorman; Colin 6305.62789 R3:1000.00 R6:997.07 R7:988.32 R8:986.92 R5:948.05 R1:817.13 R4:568.14 (R2:527.17)
24 27 Sleight; Robin 6295.01996 R6:989.78 R5:985.57 R4:980.99 R3:975.50 R7:963.29 R8:838.66 R2:661.22 (R1:522.37) -SP:100
25 11 Lipscombe; Al 6276.98113 R3:994.20 R7:981.13 R8:975.29 R6:967.79 R2:951.90 R5:877.52 R1:529.15 (R4:424.18)
26 7 Johnson; Brian 6200.35836 R2:997.06 R3:986.98 R7:985.40 R6:979.56 R4:863.25 R5:851.31 R1:536.80 (R8:0.00)
27 9 DeVall; Mark 6179.70612 R2:1000.00 R8:994.23 R7:991.32 R3:989.83 R1:865.61 R6:721.74 R5:616.99 (R4:410.22)
28 29 Philcox; Cengiz 6145.15696 R1:972.46 R8:955.69 R6:944.36 R2:943.56 R7:842.26 R3:807.53 R5:679.30 (R4:639.16)
29 2 Dunster; Chas 6040.69357 R1:1000.00 R4:987.01 R8:920.29 R2:855.91 R5:817.92 R7:730.82 R6:728.74 (R3:577.03)
30 1 Osborne; Ozzy 5931.56533 R8:994.19 R3:982.61 R7:982.48 R6:967.88 R5:816.69 R4:722.22 R2:465.49 (R1:0.00)
31 25 Lenssen; Sydney 5885.06703 R1:975.33 R3:966.67 R7:959.12 R8:850.29 R5:847.32 R4:745.96 R2:540.38 (R6:0.00)
32 4 Hack; Aubrey 5807.20046 R4:991.23 R3:976.88 R2:904.49 R8:880.81 R5:720.12 R1:674.38 R6:659.29 (R7:0.00)
33 6 Bennett; Nigel 2801.74598 R2:940.84 R1:852.17 R5:697.99 R4:410.75 R3:0.00 R6:0.00 R7:0.00 (R8:0.00) -SP:100
34 18 Burr; Martin 1886.24129 R3:713.04 R5:654.25 R1:518.95 R6:0.00 R7:0.00 R8:0.00 R2:0.00 (R4:0.00)
35 28 Borowski; Andre 0 R1:0.00 R3:0.00 R6:0.00 R7:0.00 R2:0.00 R4:0.00 R5:0.00 (R8:0.00)
36 36 Arvidsson; Lennart 0 R2:0.00 R3:0.00 R6:0.00 R7:0.00 R1:0.00 R4:0.00 R5:0.00 (R8:0.00)