A history of Interglide

The British Association of Radio Controlled Soarers (BARCS) arranged for the inaugural Interglide in 1982. It was styled "World Interglide" and was organised by the Coventry Club as part of the BARCS 10th anniversary celebrations. The late Dwight Holley, the then world F3B champion, flew and placed 30th. This event took place at Warwick racecourse using the BARCS “Open” rules and the Micro-Mold trophy (won by Ron Norris) was presented for use at such events by Roy Scott, Chairman of Micro-Mold and the then President of BARCS.

Interglide, at that time, was a bi-annual event which, even then, had no standard venue. The second event in 1984 was held at Pontefract, the third, in 1986 at Swalecliffe in Kent and the fourth event, which still used the Open rules, was again at Warwick in 1988. Following a UK presentation, led by Geoff Dallimer who is one of the founder members of BARCS, to CIAM in 1988/89, F3J was established as a provisional class – formalization to depend on enough International events taking place and run to the F3J rules. To assist this process BARCS agreed that all future Interglides would be to F3J format, the 1990 event returning to Warwick. The Euroleague was emerging by this stage, so to fit into this format, Interglide became, after 1992, an annual event. From this time on Interglide has been the premier UK F3J event and the British leg of the Eurotour calendar for F3J models.

In order to help attract continental entries it was agreed to attempt to provide South East England venues – the 1992 Interglide was located at Hainault, Essex and did indeed attract, for the first time, a significant number of Continental competitors. For site availability reasons, Interglide returned to Walsall in 1993, 94 and 95 but reverted to the South East for 1996 to be run with a 150 person entry at West Malling, Kent. By then enough F3J Internationals had been staged to allow CIAM to grant formal status to the class – a factor behind the high level of support in 1996. In 1997 the event returned once more to Walsall but was completely rained off - not a slot being flown!

Recognising the key role the UK had played in establishing the F3J class, CIAM awarded the task of the inaugural World Championships to the BARCS led proposal, and Upton-on-Severn was used for this event in 1998 and these Championships were preceded by Interglide with an all time high entry of 192 flyers. Nick Neve was the Event Director, Robin Sleight the CD and Interglide 98 was won by Arend Borst who subsequently finished third in the World Championships which followed.

In 1999, 2000 and 2001 the event returned again to the Walsall site. 2001 was the year of a foot & mouth cattle disease outbreak in the UK so farm land was off limits and the Walsall (sports field) site was one of the very few suitable venues available that year. In 2002 and 2003 Interglide returned to Kent using a farm site at Sutton Valence. It migrated to Upton again for 2004 but this venue demonstrated that, like Walsall, it was too far from the continent to attract a significant number of non British flyers so Sutton Valence was used again in 2005. All such venues depend on serious support from the local club to organize and run them, and this is always an issue. Greenacres club ran Walsall, Malvern club ran Upton, Invicta club ran Sutton Valence and Fairlop club ran Hainault and also, for 2006 and 2007, the events at Marsh Gibbon .

This brings the history up-to-date with the Marsh Gibbon venue being used for 2006 and again for the 2007 event. It is unfortunate that Interglide has not been able to enjoy a fixed venue, but suitable fields in South East England are few and far between and it has been found that, after a time, the host club seeks a rest from the efforts involved in staging this major event.

Over the years there have been many distinguished names on the Interglide Trophy. A good trophy to get one’s name on!
F3J Winners
Ron Norris – 1982
George Stringwell – 1984
Ron Gardner – 1986
John Stevens – 1988
Dick Edmonds – 1990
Rob Ashley - 1992
Stefan Eder – 1993
Martyn Johnson – 1994
Colin Paddon – 1996
Arend Borst – 1998
Adrian Lee – 1999
Adrian Lee – 2000
Peter Cubitt – 2001
Colin Paddon – 2002
Yann Bocquet – 2003
Tony Vale – 2004
Tom Mertens – 2005
Geert van Melick – 2006
Colin Paddon - 2007
Colin Paddon - 2008
Adrian Lee - 2009
Ian Duff - 2010
Eser Kismir - 2011
Peter Allen - 2012
Colin Paddon - 2013
Eser Kismir - 2014
Salahi Tezel - 2015
Contest not Run - 2016
Bertrand Willmot - 2017
F5J Winners
Bertrand Willmot - 2018
Steve Haley - 2019
Not Flown (Covid) - 2020
Neil Jones - 2021


The British Association of Radio Controlled Soarers (BARCS) arranged for the inaugural Interglide in 1982. It was styled “World Interglide” and was organised by the Coventry Club as part of the BARCS 10th anniversary celebrations.