Adrian Lee wins Interglide 2009

This year Interglide reverted to its usual June date because it was delayed in 2008 until July to avoid a clash with the F3JW/C in Turkey. The strip of water that we call the English Channel and the high cost of crossing its always reduces the number of competitors from mainland Europe but we still had entrants from Holland, Norway and Sweden. Unfortunately the entire Turkish team with their accompanying German manager, Philip Kolb, had to pull out because of scheduling problems as they have done from other Eurotour competitions this year but total entry numbers were still up on the previous year.

A hot week of weather beforehand reverted to normal on the Friday before with thunderstorm and downpours at Glastonbury and the roof closed for the first time at Wimbledon. However at Marsh Gibbon all remained hot and dry as the field was laid out and final flight testing undertaken. The hot sun and thundery showers remained over the entire weekend but the only rain that fell at Marsh Gibbon was late on Saturday evening just after the BBQ was finished. MasterChef Jim Wright, the Chairman of the Ivinghoe Soaring Association who were hosting the event, proved again that with the assistance of his wife Norma he can produce a superb meal in the middle of a field with no electricity for 50 or more hungry flyers – magnificent! When the rain finally arrived it only lasted for an hour or so and good use was made of the marquee with its supply of beer and wine.

During the flying itself there were no interruptions for rain so the competition proceeded at a good pace. In the late afternoon the of the Saturday the wind shifted so that launching was downwind but rather that shift the field layout we decided to finish a little early and compete the rounds on the Sunday. This decision met with great approval as it allowed more time for washing and drinking before the BBQ!

The Sunday again dawned with sunshine and light winds – but in the opposite direction from the day before. The field was soon laid out to cope with this and the final qualifying rounds proceeded at a good pace. The top six from the rounds were a good representation of the international flavour of the event with Jo Grini from Norway, Lennart Arvidsson from Sweden, Albert Kort from Holland joining three Brits in fly off. By the time of the fly off light cloud had gathered and there were even a few light spots of rain which made thermals hard to find and very scratchy. Three round in these very challenging conditions left Adrian Lee as the worthy winner followed by Jo Grini and Peter Allen in third place.

Austin Guerrier from Acemodel kindly donated some of the prizes which were well received by the winners.
1. Lee; Adrian 2718.8254 R1:960.89 R2:757.94 R3:1000.00
2. Grini; Jo 2567.66859 R1:866.40 R2:1000.00 R3:701.27
3. Allen; Peter 2367.70958 R1:1000.00 R2:705.47 R3:662.24
4. Guerrier; Austin 2240.92791 R1:838.71 R2:589.40 R3:812.82
5. Kort; Albert 2111.26755 R1:792.32 R2:558.31 R3:760.64
6. Arvidsson; Lennart 1952.7273 R1:833.75 R2:749.10 R3:469.87 -SP:100

1. Lee; Adrian 5994.49926 R1:1000.00 R2:995.81 (R3:956.05) R4:1000.00 R5:998.69 R6:1000.00 R7:1000.00
2. Guerrier; Austin 5991.31697 R1:1000.00 R2:1000.00 R3:999.85 R4:991.46 (R5:678.85) R6:1000.00 R7:1000.00
3. Grini; Jo 5989.99626 R1:1000.00 R2:1000.00 R3:997.53 R4:1000.00 (R5:908.80) R6:993.19 R7:999.27
4. Arvidsson; Lennart 5985.09516 R1:992.76 R2:1000.00 R3:1000.00 R4:992.33 R5:1000.00 (R6:980.32) R7:1000.00
5. Allen; Peter 5982.39894 (R1:977.57) R2:1000.00 R3:992.61 R4:996.47 R5:1000.00 R6:993.32 R7:1000.00
6. Kort; Albert 5972.50471 R1:1000.00 R2:992.86 R3:997.22 R4:988.52 R5:994.64 (R6:986.93) R7:999.27
7. Johnson; Brian 5964.73266 R1:994.36 R2:990.68 (R3:989.13) R4:991.33 R5:994.76 R6:998.84 R7:994.77
8. Glover; Chris 5956.25278 R1:994.36 R2:994.17 R3:1000.00 (R4:856.03) R5:1000.00 R6:975.44 R7:992.27
9. Nieuwenhuizen; Wim 5955.5001 R1:981.64 R2:994.90 (R3:974.16) R4:992.62 R5:1000.00 R6:1000.00 R7:986.33
10. Raybone; Mike 5952.64577 R1:993.29 R2:995.32 R3:1000.00 R4:992.65 R5:993.05 (R6:634.87) R7:978.34
11. Beale; Kevin 5945.20479 R1:988.13 (R2:968.82) R3:1000.00 R4:995.45 R5:1000.00 R6:983.29 R7:978.34
12. Kooy; Jaap 5929.87238 R1:977.45 R2:993.86 R3:1000.00 R4:972.81 (R5:620.52) R6:1000.00 R7:985.75
13. Paddon; Colin 5918.64558 R1:998.83 R2:989.08 R3:993.87 R4:992.77 R5:944.10 R6:1000.00 (R7:677.65)
14. Dunster; Chas 5917.80916 R1:970.37 R2:976.15 R3:999.42 R4:977.57 (R5:644.69) R6:996.92 R7:997.38
15. Jones; Bernie 5820.94359 R1:981.36 R2:959.80 R3:983.45 R4:916.96 (R5:670.86) R6:979.38 R7:1000.00
16. Stanswood; Jon 5807.8595 R1:995.48 R2:991.81 R3:996.52 R4:1000.00 (R5:637.48) R6:825.51 R7:998.54
17. Lucas; Colin 5793.16794 R1:1000.00 R2:1000.00 R3:804.20 (R4:702.17) R5:996.67 R6:993.90 R7:998.40
18. Lenssen; Sydney 5790.56604 R1:996.94 R2:989.95 R3:991.59 R4:978.63 R5:859.23 (R6:706.00) R7:974.22
19. Boorman; colin 5745.21038 R1:994.94 R2:938.70 R3:1000.00 R4:851.35 R5:987.84 (R6:723.48) R7:972.38
20. kidd; nick 5737.68886 R1:822.66 R2:963.74 R3:993.85 (R4:554.94) R5:997.08 R6:993.63 R7:966.74
21. Lipscombe; Allan 5699.67724 R1:980.04 R2:988.05 R3:999.71 R4:992.59 (R5:595.23) R6:748.44 R7:990.84
22. Thijssen; Fred 5666.62491 R1:1000.00 R2:998.68 R3:996.35 R4:980.74 (R5:679.63) R6:697.83 R7:993.02
23. sleight; robin 5628.02876 R1:961.12 R2:992.63 R3:965.06 (R4:811.03) R5:978.44 R6:832.25 R7:898.53
24. Deval; Mark 5625.97073 R1:991.61 R2:993.42 R3:749.68 R4:1000.00 (R5:584.74) R6:899.41 R7:991.86
25. Duff; Ian 5586.93405 R1:997.11 R2:860.84 (R3:639.50) R4:995.74 R5:792.57 R6:964.64 R7:976.03
26. Philcox; Gengiz 5585.78417 (R1:624.49) R2:989.02 R3:937.99 R4:974.13 R5:861.45 R6:987.50 R7:835.69
27. Van Ool; Pascal 5578.96347 (R1:594.50) R2:902.63 R3:997.53 R4:1000.00 R5:951.78 R6:727.02 R7:1000.00
28. Warby; Neville 5563.22615 R1:999.56 R2:589.86 (R3:485.98) R4:985.16 R5:994.17 R6:996.66 R7:997.82
29. Wicks; Graham 5539.42138 (R1:534.74) R2:548.87 R3:1000.00 R4:1000.00 R5:997.96 R6:994.48 R7:998.11
30. Osbourne; Ozzy 5517.50487 (R1:513.66) R2:907.50 R3:992.85 R4:974.10 R5:647.56 R6:997.09 R7:998.40
31. East; David 5467.79084 R1:1000.00 R2:998.39 R3:642.74 (R4:484.87) R5:826.66 R6:1000.00 R7:1000.00
32. Dickenson; Bob 5263.68728 R1:929.96 R2:974.87 R3:614.00 R4:985.60 R5:816.52 (R6:612.27) R7:942.73
33. Reed; Richard 5157.61662 R1:937.23 R2:861.74 R3:772.05 R4:905.46 (R5:584.74) R6:688.29 R7:992.86
34. Stern; Mike 5016.20453 R1:364.72 (R2:0.00) R3:697.13 R4:985.61 R5:1000.00 R6:982.56 R7:986.19
35. Borowski; Andre 4593.81537 R1:664.84 R2:479.30 R3:647.02 R4:963.86 R5:852.17 R6:986.63 (R7:0.00)
36. Rodewijh; Robbert 4328.9007 R1:953.39 (R2:320.26) R3:479.47 R4:613.66 R5:915.95 R6:507.97 R7:958.46 -SP:100
37. Swindells; Richard 3495.02799 R1:695.61 R2:1000.00 R3:826.91 R4:972.51 (R5:0.00) (R6:0.00) (R7:0.00)
38. Dart; Kevin 2256.41877 R1:598.93 R2:999.42 R3:658.07 (R4:0.00) (R5:0.00) (R6:0.00) (R7:0.00)
39. Nicholl; Ken 19.09949 (R1:0.00) R2:119.10 (R3:0.00) (R4:0.00) (R5:0.00) (R6:0.00) (R7:0.00) -SP:100.



The British Association of Radio Controlled Soarers (BARCS) arranged for the inaugural Interglide in 1982. It was styled “World Interglide” and was organised by the Coventry Club as part of the BARCS 10th anniversary celebrations.